Excellent alternatives to traditional sliding windows, vertical sliding sash windows were designed to be energy efficient  something their older counterparts failed to deliver. In keeping with the classic Georgian style, vertical sliding sash windows allow you to benefit from the classic aesthetics, without the associated risks of droughts or poor security. Thanks to advancements in technology, we can now experience this sophisticated style with all the added benefits of modern UPVC materials.

Our innovative design features sliding upper and lower panes which tilt to enable safe and easy cleaning. Available in white, gold and chrome, our vertical sliding sash windows come in a choice of colours allowing you to choose a style which is in keeping with your homes existing style.

Available with advanced locking technology, our vertical sliding sash windows will help protect your home against any break-ins. Featuring expert locks which are embedded within the framework, your property will not be vulnerable to damage.

Fashionable and functional, vertical sliding sash windows really do look just as good as their original counterparts and whilst these windows greatly complement period style properties, enhancing their stately feel, they also lend much character to modern style properties.

Choose Swift Windows

  • Our vertical sliding sash windows will provide your home with an authentic appearance, designed to appear exactly like traditional sash windows
  • They will allow equal sight-lines of glass
  • All double glazing is in full compliance with the latest Building Regulations and FENSA
  • Our products are licensed with the British Standards Kite Mark
  • Our replacement windows have a 10 year insurance backed guarantee

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