Triple glazed windows are known to be more energy efficient than modern double glazing and this statement becomes highly obvious when we consider how they are constructed. Unlike double glazed windows, which consist of two panes of glass (with a layer of gas in-between), triple glazed windows are constructed from three panes of glass, including two gas layers. It is this additional pane of glass and gas cavity which provides effective thermal insulation, making triple glass windows highly energy efficient.

Benefits of Triple Glazed Windows

  • Saving Energy. Allowing for a high level of solar heat gain, triple glazed windows will capture heat from the sun during the day which will aid you in heating your home. Preventing heat from escaping your home, these windows have excellent insulation qualities and surpass the maximum ‘A’ window energy rating.
  • Security. The added pane of glass will ensure that your windows are strong and well protected in case of any break-ins.
  • Eliminating Draughts. These energy efficient windows will ensure that all draughts and cold spots are eliminated. Their insulation properties will also help to reduce outside noise whilst minimising noise from within your home.

Did you know that 26% of all heat loss within your home is lost through windows? The Energy Saving Trust provides this fact and encourages homeowners to invest in energy efficient windows. Reduce heat loss and keep your energy bills down. Install triple glazing. No longer will you be using vast amounts of energy to heat your home because with triple glazed windows, your home will stay warm day and night. Helping the environment and your wallet – what are you waiting for?

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