It is a known fact that properties lose heat through inefficient windows which is why many homeowners choose to invest in energy efficient

double glazing. A great investment for your home, energy efficient windows will help add value to your property as well as reducing those monthly bills.

Here at Swift Windows, we use window energy ratings to show how energy efficient our products are. All our double glazed windows are tested on their efficiency at retaining heat. The energy rating scheme was initially created by the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC), to help customers like you make a well informed decision on their windows.

Every part of a window is evaluated, including the casement and frame which are rated on their energy saving properties. Detailing how much energy a window will save or lose once it has been installed, positive and negative values are also used. A positive value will represent a window which is very energy efficient, however, all values will depend on the building and local climate.

Cost will inevitably depend on ratings and materials used, as well as the style and size of a window. However, you need to consider how much energy you could be saving – energy efficient windows may cost more but they will help you to save money long term.

At Swift Windows, we set a high standard for all our windows. Manufactured to be as energy efficient as possible, our windows will allow you to contribute to a greener environment. With less energy escaping your home, you will be generating less fuel which will rapidly reduce your carbon footprint.